3 ways COVID 19 has supercharged the commercial property market appeal

Adding a commercial property to your portfolio is without a doubt the best way to diversify, lock down solid capital growth and improve your cash flow in 2021.

However, many people are not experienced in commercial investing or don’t yet appreciate the sheer benefits of adding it to their portfolio. In our eyes that’s the biggest risk of all.

By now it’s no secret that we could all throw the towel on the last year and half because of the COVID pandemic. It’s the small things we miss, being able to go places, hug the ones we love and so on.

While it’s been mostly doom and gloom, the pandemic has supercharged commercial property into a ‘property investor’s dream’, and this is why now’s the opportunity of a lifetime to invest in commercial real estate.

  1. The best time to buy is always now. Don’t think of commercial property as a risky investment just because we’re in a pandemic. Sophisticated investors know how to identify an exceptional asset and demand is most certainly going to be on the upward trajectory.
  2. Get into the market early. Although commercial property has long been a well kept secret amongst sophisticated investors, that’s starting to change. We’ve been receiving increasing interest in commercial property investing as it becomes more popular in the mainstream.
  3. Money is cheap. With  interest rates on low, money is relatively  cheap for buyers. Policymakers have noted that the economic recovery observed in the fourth quarter of 2020 and in the first quarter of 2021 was mainly driven by robust performances in the sectors of agriculture, construction, real estate, finance and insurance. This means, right now, there’s the opportunity of a lifetime to get the best cash-flow returns you’ll ever see out of commercial property.

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