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As we head into the 2020s, the spirit of growth and expansion in architecture and design is still alive and well, something that began in early 1920s. Modern home design is part of that story, becoming more and more about meeting a homeowner’s dream, custom finishes and distinctive touches that make every home stand out. The only rule these days is that designers and homeowners get to make their own rules.

With modern design comes modern materials, and fiber cement wall siding panels provide a huge variety of colors and finishes. Essentially, if a homeowner can dream it, fiber cement can provide architectural panels to match.

Here’s a look at how this developer got creative with their exterior design ideas, and discover why we love them.

Light and Shadows


This home is a great example of using shadows to further draw the eye inward. The deep recesses in this design breaks up the plane, creating an extra layer of light and dark, accented by the geometric shapes and sharp corners of the building.

The Modern Rustic

Here, the warm tones give us a sense of a modern retreat and soften some of the hard lines so popular in modern home design.

Classic Structure 

The designer has taken a great modern wall panel idea — combining classic structure with new materials. The unique balconies railing, offset columns and the recessed home interior draws the eye inward and makes us wonder what’s inside.

The Limit’s the Sky

The Le Vert apartments have been meticulously designed with the aim of creating living
spaces that cater to all needs. Convex nooks, recessed windows and private terraces
complete the feeling of crafted living spaces and freedom designed into every home.
Le Vert creates all round fitting views as you cast your eyes beyond the floor-to-ceiling
glass windows of your residence.

For more information the property will be available for Viewing on its first open house from June 11th through to June 13th. Call 0758090586 for Viewing, Riverside Close, Nairobi.


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