LE VERT: A Contemporary Interior Masterpiece

If you’re new here, finally! Welcome to the circle. If you’re not! Then you’ve been reading Property Solutions Magazine for a while now and you probably know we don’t post contemporary homes very often, unless they’re sensational.

The more we see this place and study its architecture, the more we can say this house is worthy of a good look. The place is a bespoke collection of designer apartments, crafted for those who expect
to live a life of fine moments.

The picturesque architecture of Le Vert was informed by the notion of green meadows by the riverside as is aptly illustrated by the vertical gardens on the front and rear facades. The property is driven by the passion to deliver expansive personalized spaces for every resident of this iconic development conveniently located on Riverside Close, Nairobi.

Residents Lounge 

This is just amazing! We love these modern and ultra-comfortable contemporary furniture.


Living Room 

We really enjoy the materials used in this space. The furnishings are all very light and low, perfect to not obscure the views.

Living areas at Le Vert are thoughtfully designed to accommodate the many different aspects of everyday life, from relaxing, dining to entertaining. The semi open-plans have clearly defined living, dining and kitchen spaces, but the clean lines and free-flowing design provide a sense of continuity. 

Dining rooms are complemented by sweeping private terraces making al-fresco dining a pleasure. What is your favorite seat at the table? 


Master Bed

Stunning! Very minimalist but the wood makes it feel warm. If exclusivity is a rare phenomenon, fewer are those who feel truly at home with exclusivity. This is the promise of the Le Vert bedroom. It is a true hideaway from the hustle and bustle of life. 



The modern state-of-art kitchen features a cooker hob, extractor hood, microwave oven and a convection oven all flawlessly combined to create the feeling of quiet harmony in the kitchen. 

The pristine granite countertops, gloss finished cabinetry, capacious pantry and rolling spice cabinet invite you to express your culinary arts. 

This one is very “love it or hate It.” Some people will love the colors and the open feeling, while others may hate the light fixtures. How do you feel about this kitchen?

Generally, it’s not hard to love this place. Don’t you agree? See why we chose to post this contemporary home? Isn’t it a special one? Le Vert will be hosting the very first open space at Riverside from June 11th through to June 13th.  Show up and have a candid view of the best thing we’ve seen in terms of interior architecture.

Call 0758090586 for Viewing, Riverside Close, Nairobi.


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